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Just an hour away by plane!

Korea is a foodie paradise

Being based in Hakata means you have easy access to Korea. There are a number of ways to get there, too. My favorite way is flying since it's so easy to reach the airport, although I'll occasionally take the Beetle, a high-speed ferry that makes the trip in a little over 2 hours. Low-cost carriers make it easy and affordable, and online-booking systems makes it easy to organize. Once you're over there, however, you are pretty much on your own. The level of English outside of real touristy areas is pretty low.

No one should be alone when eating kimchi!- Bruce Haendel

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Korean meals are designed to overwhelm the guest with a variety of condiments including raw garlic, leafy greens for wrapping, spicy miso, crispy raw chiles and all kinds of kimchi. The red color of the tofu soup is due to hot peppers. Mighty fine!

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It's all about the food. Never mind the interior or the plastic dishes!

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This is a proper iced latte! Served at the airport, it's amazing!

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Friend chicken gizzards are the speciality served throughout an entire district in Daegu, South Korea. These are plain and soy sauce seasoned, which you dip in chili sauce or salt, and munch with kimchi, salad, and garlic!

If you're a bit overwhelmed to go to Land of the Morning Calm alone, Hakata Foodie is organizing weekend trips to Busan and Daegu, South Korea. We'll stroll through historic neighborhoods to reach a few truly local places that are unbelievably delicious, where barely a word of English is spoken.