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    Choose a festival experience, add to cart, select OPTION for number of people. Fees are for 2-5 people and include Hakata Foodie Coordinator, taxis, local tour, food, drinks, and Japan sales tax.

    Your JR train fare and hotel fees (if applicable) are to be paid as we go.


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    Hakata Foodie will contact you to fine-tune the details. You may arrange to meet closer to the local festivals.

    Tours have limited capacity, so please book early!


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    A Hakata Foodie picks you up, guides you, and drops you off back at your hotel. Foodies will assist you with purchasing JR tickets, etc.

  • Tug of War Festival

    Satsumasendai City, Kagoshima Prefecture

    9/22 (Day Trip from Fukuoka)

    Go south with us by bullet train. We'll meet a local tour guide in Sendai. Join in the construction of the 7-ton rope, enjoy lunch and explore the town, then be a part of the tug of war alongside 3000 people at this traditional Japanese festival! Afterwards, we'll enjoy more Kagoshima treats before zipping back to Hakata.


    Hakata Town, Fukuoka City

    10/11, 10/12, 10/13, or 10/14 (Evening Trip)

    We'll take you to Hakata Station just before sunset and stroll through Hakata Old Town, the heart of the city during the Middle Ages when Hakata was Japan’s largest trading port city. There are countless Shinto shrines and Buddhist temples here, beautifully lit-up as part of this special night-time event. Afterwards, we'll enjoy a superb Hakata dinner at a nearby restaurant!

    Kebesu Fire Festival

    Kunisaki City, Oita Prefecture

    10/14-10/15 (OVERNIGHT from Fukuoka)

    We go to Oita Prefecture to catch a local tour of the Kebesu Fire Festival. On the way, we'll stop at a Buddhist temple for a special cultural performance and dinner. Afterwards, we'll stay overnight in Beppu or Oita City and dip in the hot springs! Next morning, after breakfast, we'll go on a two-hour walking tour.

    See itinerary below.


    Yosakoi Sasebo Dance Festival

    Sasebo City, Nagasaki Prefecture

    10/19 (Day Trip from Fukuoka)

    We'll go to Hakata Station and catch a train to Sasebo. There, we'll learn all about the"yosakoi" dance from a local expert and have a go ourselves. Everyone gets a pair of "naruko" (hand clappers) to use and take home. We'll watch the evening performances from the stands and join in the "so-odori" (a dance performed by all the troupes.) After a full day of dancing, eating and partying, we head back to Hakata. See itinerary below.

    40th Saga International Balloon Fiesta

    Saga City, Saga Prefecture

    11/1, 11/2, or 11/3 (Evening Trip from Fukuoka)

    From Hakata Station, we go to Saga for this special evening, a rare opportunity to enjoy the 40th Annual International Balloon Fiesta with balloonists from around the world, hear their amazing stories live, and enjoy a private buffet dinner & drinks together! Afterwards, we return to Hakata. See itinerary below.

    Coal Miner's Bon Dance Festival

    Tagawa City, Fukuoka Prefecture

    11/2 or 11/3 (Day Trip from Fukuoka)

    We'll head out from Hakata to Tagawa City the birthplace of "Tankobushi," one of the most iconic Bon dances in Japan. As part of the local festival tour, you'll get to wear a custom-made costume and join in the dancing & eating! Afterwards, we'll eat some more Tagawa treats before heading back to Hakata.

    Choose Your Own!

    So many festivals are happening throughout Kyushu, Yamaguchi, and Okinawa. We wouldn't want you miss out on one that isn't listed below. Please follow this link here, and if you find a festival that you'd like to experience with a Foodie Guide, get in touch!

  • Real Adventures

    Hakata Foodie & Festival Experiences offer great photo opportunities.

    Fukuoka Departure, Kebesu Fire Festival in Oita Prefecture

    October 14-15 (Overnight)

    Real Fire! A Festival For The Fearless!

    We head off from Fukuoka or Oita to a local tour in the countryside. There'll be a special dinner and performance at a temple in Kunisaki on the way, followed by the truly wild Kebesu Fire Festival. Here, a strange, masked, evil creature battles the forces of good, shrouded in white, over a raging fire, then tosses the flames into the crowd! Sparks rain down, which are said to ward off illness and promote good health. After that, we'll stay overnight in Oita Prefecture to enjoy a walking tour and breakfast in the morning. Spaces are extremely limited. Please contact us today to reserve your spot! Download itinerary below.

    Fukuoka Departure, Saga International Ballon Fiesta

    November 1, 2, 3 (Evening)

    Meet and Eat with the Balloonists!

    Join Hakata Foodie for a special evening adventure. Go with us from Hakata Station to Saga and enjoy a rare opportunity to meet and dine with the balloonists from around the world who fly in this magical annual event. We'll view a short documentary at the balloon museum, then, dine at a private buffet featuring local Saga delicacies and fine beverages. Hear the balloonists' adventure stories recounted in person. Afterwards, we'll return by train to Hakata. Very limited capacity. Please contact us today to reserve your place! Download itinerary below.

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    Price ranges displayed below are for minimum group of 2 to maximum group of 5 people.

    9/22 Fukuoka Departure, Tug of War Festival in Kagoshima, Day-Trip, With Snacks, Lunch & Dinner
    940.00 - 1,275.00
    10/11, 10/12, 10/13, or 10/14, Hakata Old Town Light-up Walk, Evening with Dinner
    354.00 - 560.00
    10/14-10/15 Fukuoka Departure, Kebesu Fire Festival in Oita, OVERNIGHTER! Lunch, Dinner, & Breakfast
    1,025.00 - 1,200.00
    11/1,11/2, or 11/3 Fukuoka Dep., Saga International Balloon Fiesta, Dine with Balloonists
    645.00 - 1,070.00
    11/2 or 11/3 Fukuoka Departure, Coal Miner's Bon Dance Festival in Tagawa
    680.00 - 960.00
  • Fees include Hakata Foodie Coordinator, hotel pick-up & return, meals, fees, and taxes.


    JR Train fares and hotels are separate, to be paid as we go.


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