9/22 Fukuoka Departure, Tug of War Festival in Kagoshima, Day-Trip, With Snacks, Lunch & Dinner
$940.00 - $1,275.00
Head to Kagoshima by bullet train with a Hakata Foodie to join a local tour!

Over 1,500 Tug of War festival participants weave 365 individual ropes together into a single 365 meter-long rope weighing 7 tons! Nearly 3,000 bare-chested men drag the rope in unison. The "oshitai" (pushing squad) obstructs the opponent’s team by aggressively ramming into it.

Watch or join in! We'll snap the pics! Afterwards, we'll dine and return to Hakata.

Select an OPTION to specify number of people in your group. QUANTITY is 1.

Client round-trip train fares (¥17,100) to be paid at Hakata Station.
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$940.00 - $1,275.00
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