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    1. Reserve a time slot at least two days in advance to allow us adequate time to prepare. Contact us for special requests.


    2. Pre-pay on the site. Fees include all food and non-alcoholic beverages, accompanied by a Hakata Foodie!

    Prices are per person, charged in Japanese Yen, tax included. All major credit cards accepted.


    On the Day You Meet Up

    Meet and Dine with Your Hakata Foodie Guide

    3. Your Hakata Foodie(s) will meet you at Solaria Plaza in Tenjin on the south side entrance by Kego Park (unless another point has been pre-arranged.) Please be ready a few minutes early so that we may head out together at the appointed time!


    4. We walk or taxi to the venue(s). You may opt to return or linger on your own.


    5. Please note that cancellations are non-refundable.


    6. Hakata Foodie assumes no responsibility for lost items or accidents that may occur during the course of your excursion. Please take care.

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    A: Yatai Experience!

    A: Yatai Experience!

    Fukuoka has the world's most street stalls. We'll take you to ONE or TWO special ones that we like, where the locals go. Hakata Ramen, gyoza, yakitori, etc.. For meat lovers, Italian, or French cuisine fans, there'a place here for you! ¥16,500/person includes your meal, soft drinks, and guide fee! Minimum 2, maximum 4 people per party. Allow two~ hours. Kindly "Pre-Pay For Your Foodie Experience" on the section below after making a reservation.
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    Event time zone:Asia/Tokyo GMT+09:00
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    B: Dinner with a Hakata Foodie!*

    B: Dinner with a Hakata Foodie!*

    Eat like a local with a Hakata Foodie! Up to 5 people can join. Please book at least 1 day in advance to allow time for us to make arrangements. ¥17,600/person: Experience includes guide fee and meal costs w/soft drinks. Kindly "Pre-Pay For Your Foodie Experience" on the section below after making a reservation. *Ask us about special restaurant hopping and yatai combination tours.
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    Event time zone:Asia/Tokyo GMT+09:00
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    C: Visit a Real Samurai Summer House, Drink Tea, & Feed the Koi! Then Lunch!

    C: Visit a Real Samurai Summer House, Drink Tea, & Feed the Koi! Then Lunch!

    Yūsentei Park in Fukuoka City was built in 1754 for Kuroda Tsugutaka. It's traditional Japanese garden, small waterfalls, and beautiful lake are great to visit rain or shine! We'll arrive in the morning by taxi, fare to be paid by customer upon arrival in both directions. Then stroll, enjoy tea, feed the koi, take photos and meditate a bit. Afterwards, it's a short walk for amazing Hiroshima-style okonomiyaki, cooked to your order at the counter. Or, if you prefer, our favorite kaitenzushi is also down the street. $18,700 includes admission, guide fee, tea, and lunch! Kindly "Pre-Pay For Your Foodie Experience" on the section below after making a reservation.
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    Event time zone:Asia/Tokyo GMT+09:00
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    D: Comfort Food/Junk Food Tour!

    D: Comfort Food/Junk Food Tour!

    Meet at Solaria Plaza Ground Floor (1F)
    We explore several spots on this custom tour, based on your whims! Got a hankering for something but don't know where to find it? We'll take you there and fill you up! ¥10,450/person, includes all food! Get to know the best take-out kara-age chicken, Shanghai-Style dumplings, tacos, Mac'N'Cheese, Burgers, Onion Rings, Sandwiches, Gyoza and more, on your own personal, guided walking tour around Tenjin/Hakata! Bring it back to your place and enjoy it anytime, or munch out on the spot.
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    Event time zone:Asia/Tokyo GMT+09:00
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    E: Lunch with a Hakata Foodie

    E: Lunch with a Hakata Foodie

    Meet at Solaria Plaza Ground Floor (1F)
    Stroll with a Hakata Foodie and enjoy a fantastic lunch! Your choice of any of the fine cuisines available in Fukuoka, a foodie paradise! Hours are approximate. You choose the food and the time! ¥11,000/person includes food and guide! Kindly pre-pay after booking your time and chatting with us. Minimum, party of two, please.
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    Event time zone:Asia/Tokyo GMT+09:00
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    F: Hakata Foodie Premium Gourmet Dinner!

    F: Hakata Foodie Premium Gourmet Dinner!

    *Meet at Solaria Plaza Ground Floor (1F)*
    Your choice of cuisine. Only the finest high-end establishments will be introduced. Join your Hakata Foodie Guide for an unforgettable meal. ¥33,000/person. Limited to parties of 4. Kindly pre-pay on this site after confirming the date and details with us via email, chat, or phone.
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    Event time zone:Asia/Tokyo GMT+09:00
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    All prices listed are per person

    Price includes Foodie Guide, meals, fees, and include 10% JST (sales tax). (Alcoholic beverages NOT included)

    Quantity refers to the number of guests in your party.

  • Hakata: A Foodie Paradise!

    Something for everyone

    Hakata Ramen


    Vegan Burger Set

    Soba Noodles

    Buddhist Cuisine

    Sri Lanka Curry



  • Meet Some Hakata Foodies

    Great People Who Know Great Food

    Luis Matos

    From New York

    Languages: English, Spanish & Japanese

    A Fukuoka veteran, I eat out every meal of the day, every day. I'm in the food & beverage business, have many friends and contacts that run, own or operate restaurants of all kinds in the Fukuoka area. My Fukuoka restaurant/bar, Off Broadway, has been welcoming guests for over 25 years. I love to eat out!

    Ryu Kiheon

    From Seoul, Korea

    Languages: Korean & Japanese


    I love dining and talking, and can show you some of the best places in town. I’m from Seoul, Korea but have lived in Fukuoka, Japan for 16 years. I'm married to a Japanese woman and run a media company in Fukuoka.


    안녕하세요. 류 조니입니다. 한국서울출신이구요. 현재 후쿠오카에 살고 있습니다. 여기 온지는 14째가 됐구요. 후쿠오카가 살기 너무 좋아서 이곳에 정착했구요. 특히 이곳 음식, 관광지등을 홍보하는 것이 취미입니다. 후쿠오카에 오신 여러분, 좀 특별하고 좀 더 맛있고 좀 더 분위기 있는 곳을 원하신다면 언제든지 연락주세요. 저희가 편안하고 재미있게 안내해 드리겠습니다.

    Bruce Haendel

    From the USA

    Languages: English & Japanese

    Since 1985, I have had the privilege of guiding in Japan, including during the 2019 Rugby World Cup and the G20 Economic Summit in Fukuoka, where I catered to both sports enthusiasts and global entrepreneurs. Having explored the culinary delights of 50 countries, my passion for gastronomy is well-established. Before my time in Japan, I served as a Citizen Diplomat for the World Affairs Council in the USA. Today, Fukuoka boasts one of the world's top culinary destinations. With access to locally-sourced ingredients and a wealth of highly-skilled chefs, let's embark on a culinary adventure together!

  • Happy Diners

    Here's what our guests have to say!

    Phil & Stacy

    California, USA

    My wife and I are serious foodies from California who wanted to visit special places on our first visit to Japan. Bruce took us out for some fine dining and drinks afterwards. It was so much fun, we all met again for breakfast. Our personal tour wasn't complete until Stacy got to try the infamous "natto" and purchase a souvenir: a custom, left-handed Japanese chef's knife with her initials engraved. Unforgettable!

    JJ & Renee

    Hong Kong

    We are extremely well-traveled thanks to my job as a pilot. When it comes to food, Bruce shows us great places in Japan and Hong Kong. From the most humble, Cheung Hing Kee Shanghai Pan-fried Buns to popcorn with powdered truffles and exotic cocktails at the Ozone Bar on the 118th floor of the Ritz-Carlton in Kowloon. High indeed.

    Connie Bee & Family

    Florida, USA

    Our family comes to Japan every year or two; Hakata is one of our favorite travel destinations. When we are there, we count on Bruce to introduce us to great local eateries in Kyushu. He's the best! And he makes us laugh.

    Mike G

    Maryland, USA

    I'm on the road constantly for work. When I have time to enjoy fine dining, I contact Bruce for meals in Japan or Korea. Last time, we met in Busan. Bruce turned me on to some very fresh sea eel. In fact, it was still wiggling while we sautéed it at our table. l didn't flinch. That impressed him.

    Will, Jamie, & Kids

    Ohio, USA

    Visiting Hakata for the first time, our Tokyo-based family booked with Hakata Foodie at the end of our vacation. We visited one of Bruce's favorite kid-friendly family-run local restaurants, drank coffee in Ohori-Park, and ate Austrian desserts. Palmer, our 7-year old son, has told us several times that dinner with Bruce was the best part of the trip!

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