• Treats Off The Beaten Path

    The restaurant folks generally don't speak English, but that's OK.


    Many of the best restaurants in Japan have no plastic food, photos on the menu, or any English.

    Not a problem if a Foodie takes you there!

    Toriyaki Teishoku

    Toriyaki Chicken

    Unique Fukuoka Legend

    We have been enjoying this dish at its secret location away from the city center since 1985. It never disappoints.



    Superb Raw Fish

    Kyushu is known for its amazing variety and quality of fresh fish. We know a few spots that are well worth visiting. There are no knives and forks on the premises.

    Vegan Burger with Vegan Fried Chicken

    Vegan Burgers

    Good Enough for Meat Eaters

    Delivering real taste-sensations, one of the area's first vegan cafe-restaurants offers burgers & fries, salad, and non-meat "fried chicken" seasoned so well you'd think it was the real thing. Decadent- but vegan, so let's go here!

    Filet Katsu

    Filet Katsu

    Hands Down The Best

    This dish made from specially-raised pork from Kagoshima is nothing like any tonkatsu you have ever experienced. And you think you've had tonkatsu... oh, just wait!

    Kaiseki Ryori

    Tonkotsu Ramen


    There's something about broth that has been simmering for days, combined with kata-men, firm noodles, and slices of roast pork garnished with pickled ginger, sesame seeds, and spring onions. Ramen is greater than the sum of the parts. Well worth the trip to the mecca, Hakata, where this legendary dish comes from!

    Sri Lankan Curry

    Sri Lankan Curry

    Local Fave

    Since the 1980's Fukuoka City has hosted Sri Lankan chefs, as we are real curry lovers. Now, this is one of the best cities for tasting this great cuisine.
    The unique blend of spices is a bit different from Indian. The meal shown above is vegetarian.

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    The Original Hakata Foodie

    This white-haired American guy, Bruce Haendel, is a Fukuoka-based authority on food & Japan tourism. He also loves music, playing the drums and riding motorcycles.


    Based in Japan since 1985, Bruce has munched-out in over 350 cities worldwide.


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