D: Visit a Samurai Summer House, Drink Tea, & Feed the Koi! Then Lunch!
$35,640.00 - $51,840.00
Yūsentei Park is within Fukuoka City. Built in 1754 for Kuroda Tsugutaka, it has a traditional Japanese garden, small waterfalls, and a beautiful lake. Great rain or shine!

We will get there by taxi. Then, we'll stroll, enjoy tea, feed the koi, take photos and relax. Afterwards, we will take a short walk to a local restaurant for amazing Hiroshima-style okonomiyaki, cooked right before your eyes. Or, let's have sushi (kaitenzushi,) it's up to you!

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Note: Park closed on Mondays.
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$35,640.00 - $51,840.00
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